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Where’d the Name Come From?

April 17th, 2020

As you might have already figured out, my name is Kofi. It’s the only name I’ve ever had. It means born of Friday, in case you’re wondering. I go by my birth name because I was named for a musician– my grandfather, Kofi, who was also born on Friday. He played trumpet and lived quite the life. He gave me the nickname "Kofi Lost" because when I was still living in New York, as a kid, I ran around a lot and both him and my mother never seemed to know where I was. 

“Where’s Kofi ?” My Mom would ask.

“Kofi lost” My Grandfather would say. 

He decided to call me "Kofi Lost" as a nickname and it just stuck. He shortened it to Mr. Lost as I got older. The rest, as they say, is history. I went by many names when I started out with this music stuff. There are a few questionable ones: Decaf da God (I got called Coffee a lot growing up cause people can’t read) was the first. But people told me my name was cool enough to perform under ( I knew that) but I didn’t officially change my name until the old man passed. He is my foundation in all things music and "Kofi Lost" is the name I adopted in honor of his memory and musical legacy.

Whatever you choose to call me is fine. Whether it’s "Kofi," "Kof," "Mr. Lost," "Dadzie G the Prodigy" (iykyk), "Wanderer," or whatever. Just don’t call me "Fii" without "the Wanderer" attached. You don’t know me like that. Relax.

This is about as far as the origin story goes for this post. People often ask where the name comes from so here’s a brief history of the name "Kofi Lost". If y’all enjoy these write-ups, I’ll keep doing them. Otherwise, I’ll be posting  some poetry up here in between music releases... 

See you when I see you.